Consumer Info

California Motorist Bill of Rights

Under the California Insurance Code, a consumer is not required to have repairs done at any insurance company recommended automobile repair shop. However, if a consumer does use an insurance company recommended repair shop, the insurance company must stand behind the repairs if your vehicle is not repaired properly.

Accidents 101

So you’ve had an accident now what?

CAA Steering PSA

What is Steering? Steering is a deceptive concept of salesmanship, where someone is coerced, directed, pushed or driven to use a specific service provider because the recommender derives monetary consideration, kickbacks, special privilege, economic savings, etc., as a result of such activity. Don’t become a victim; make an informed, knowledgeable choice that is based on your sole decision after considering all your options.

CNN on Anderson Cooper

CNN on Anderson Cooper 360 on Feb 11, 2015 on Steering. Steering has been going on for the past 50 years. And, as you know from some of our own case studies, the situation is getting steadily worse!


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